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Wheeler Farm

Westcliffe, CO

We are a small, family owned farm located at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in Westcliffe, Colorado. We offer raw goats milk herd shares and make goats milk soap.

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Buck collecting all day making cheese all night. Definitely a shower in between! #wheelerfarmsaanens #westcliffecheesecompany ...

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This morning this was a ugly carport..., now it’s the middle of the new goat barn. Got to make room for all the spring kids! #westcliffecheeseco #wheelerfarmsaanens ...

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Leave these guys alone for a minute and they turn the trailer into a playground!! #wheelerfarmsaanens #westcliffecheesecompany #bestgoats ...

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Nice night to hangout in the pasture! #wheelerfarmsaanens #saanengoats#saanes ...

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County fair, closest thing to a real goat show. We were the only dairy goats there, but disrupted the flow of the meat goat show awesome.#wheelerfarmsaanens ...

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I went to the Steel City “aka” Pueblo for my monthly supply run this morning and it was sunny...came home to this a winter wonderland! #wheelerfarmsaanens ...

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Gotta love breading season.
! #willowlane Gandalf the white #wheelerfarmsaanens

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Wheeler Farm

Westcliffe, CO

We started  our farming journey in 2014 with a half acre market garden and a flock of laying hens.  We went on to add meat chickens, turkeys, pigs and dairy goats to the farm.  We sold a wide variety of products at farmers markets and spent the bulk of our time growing food and caring for the animals.  As the farm continued to grow so did our love of the Saanen dairy goats.  

Eventually the herd started to outgrow the farm we built and we opted to leave it behind in search of greener pastures.  The search landed us in the beautiful Wet Mountain Valley with gorgeous views and plenty of grazing land for our herd of Saanen goats.
Since our move to Westcliffe, we have transitioned from growing food for farmers markets to a dairy operation breeding quality Saanen goats, selling raw milk herd shares and making goats milk soap.  We don’t know for sure where this adventure will lead us, but it’s sure to include goats 🙂

Registered Saanen Dairy Goats
By now you know the herd began with Hollyhock.  We added goats from Mosaic, Ranea and Willow Lane to start building our herd.  Our entire herd is ADGA registered, we are ADGA Plus members.  Milking does are on DHIR monthly milk testing program and we participate in the linear appraisal program.  Herd is CAE/CL free and vet checked annually.

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