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local agriculture expansion foundation

We're leveraging technology to connect communities with their local farmers by building free tools for farmers that make purchasing easy for consumers.
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When you use LAEF you know your farmer, you know where your food is grown and can visit the farm, and you are connected to both the people and the process.

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Our farmers care about the health of the ground they grow in, the food sell, and the Earth they live on. Their farming begins with the healthy land and ends with healthy food.

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LAEF exists to connect people with farmers, so that you can know exactly how your food is grown and raised. Every farm page will outline growing practices and commitments.

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We are laef

The Local Agriculture Expansion Foundation. We believe that good things happen when people know the farmers who grow their food, and that local food is the healthiest thing for you, the consumer, and the farmers who grow your food. We believe that good farming practices can heal the earth.

We want to love people both through nourishing their bodies and connecting their souls to the people in their community.

Why laef?

As long-time local food advocates, we are constantly asked, “is there local food here?” Most people don’t know that there is amazing food right where they live, or worse, they do know, but find that it is inconvenient and unpredictable.


With farmers’ market you never know what they will have week to week— it can be a gamble, AND some farms may not be at market if they have an established CSA. We aim to make buying local food more accessible for consumers and more viable for farmers, whether it’s happening at market, the farm, or somewhere in between. 


laef makes buying local food as easy as getting groceries—convenient, predictable, ready for you to pick up. And you get to build relationships with the very people who delight themselves in growing your food.


We designed laef from the ground-up by working with farms to determine how they already conduct business. We make it free for farms to use, equipping them with easy to use tools that they need to succeed and connecting them with people who want to buy their food. We never charge them a dime—by abstracting away credit card processing fees through a small approximately 4% order fee, that covers all credit card and web expenses for them and supports our operating expenses.


We want farmers to spend more time doing what they do best: growing the healthiest food possible.

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Local Food Lovers

We are a group of friends who love farmers and local food and want to do our part to see them flourish.
Matthew Barnes
Megan Barnes
Calvin Sauer
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